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How to Live an Unshakeable Life

  • How to Live an Unshakeable Life

How to Live an Unshakeable Life



9 CD Set     An unshakeable life is a life in which the believer ultimately wins over all challenges that occur, having no spiritual, natural, or emotional loss.  No life is problem-free, and we can not control the situations that present themselves daily, but Jesus has given us the power over how we react. In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus tells us of the man who built his house with no foundation, that suffered complete destruction when the storm arose; compared to the man’s house that was not shaken or moved because it was built on a solid foundation. The solid foundation represents us reading and practicing the Word of God daily. Ready to live this Unshakeable Life?  Well this is the series for you! Pastor Steve breaks down the word, giving examples of how we should respond to adversary in order to live, The Unshakeable Life!